Image Grafix Answers Some Common Vehicle Wrap Questions

In this week’s article, we will cover some commonly asked questions.

What is a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap uses a customized design that is printed on a special type of vinyl material and then laminated and “wrapped” on a wide range of vehicles. The vehicle wrap is diligently applied directly onto the vehicle of choice. Essentially, this will turn the vehicle into a mobile billboard. 

What is involved when wrapping a vehicle?

There are three stages that an installer goes through when wrapping a vehicle. Stage 1: A graphic designer will develop the concept, design, and layout of the final design. Stage 2: During this stage, the production of the wrap itself is done. Stage 3: The final stage is installation. In some cases, there may be a fourth stage which would be the removal of the vehicle wrap in case it was being used for a limited advertising promotion.

Can you explain the design stage?

When creating a vehicle wrap it is crucial that the design and concept are done without errors. Image Grafix designs with the final product in mind. Our team takes into account the shape of the entire vehicle, in order to plan accordingly. We work closely with the client through the entire process to ensure that their message is being correctly communicated visually. We always provide proofs for our client to approve before the final product is produced. We work diligently to match the wrap to the approved proof. 

If I have designed or have had someone design a graphic for me what kind of file would be best to send you in order to get the best result?

Tiff and Adobe Illustrator EPS files are the best for printing and Illustrator AI files are typically the best for computerized vinyl cutting. You should always use 720 resolution or higher at a 1/10th scale. 

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